8 Oct

The elevation of my high reaches when im witcha
Not wanting to miss you, but.. That mission sounds damn near impossible

With you being near
My fears are no longer current

You are my bolder
Protecting the coldness of the world like God’s shoulders

Discover such grace in your smile
Like a star in the night

The while I’ve been around you
I can race that mile.. With you

My skies are always blue
How much you tell me I’m cute

..makes me blush
Proud to be in your arms with that sudden rush to be held tighter

The urge of us being together
Not including the thought of the idea

I guarentee ya..
You’ll never leave this


This Rainy Night

6 Sep

Rain drops falling just like tears,
The peaceful essence of water
An element so pure, unable to hurt a fly
If it’s so harmless, why are they dropping from my eyes?

Sounds of calm music reach my eardrum
Sounds of men dancing on my rooftop
As bits & peaces of waterfalls hit my window pane
I’m the loner in the corner, feeling the pain

Smells of freshness enter my nostrils,
Smells of a new life seem beyond pocket
Thunder ranting, like symbols clashing
Lightning bright, like God is flashing…. His light

So pure.
Touch, but wont last long.
Wet, then dry within seconds
That’s how the love I had for you is effecting –me

Thunder, almost as translucent as my heartbeat.
Deep, & loud, a lion’s roar.
Light, flashing.

The recipe of a memorable but still active heartbreak.

I’m just waiting on that rainbow to over see this storm

Not Even Half

4 Aug

When I’m in your arms, I feel so protected
The world is against me, & you’re my weapon

My shield.. Also my guide
My bestfriend, with pride

Smile at me with grace & romance
Guide me with my hand in your hand

Attract like a magnet to metal
Vibe like music to a weedsmoker

Although we have nothing in common
We’re so much alike

Different lives… Different background
Same history, same past

I’m your negative.. you’re my positive
Attract me to the opposite ends of life

The world stops when I’m with you.

Time, people, life, money is the least of my news
With you in my life, you’re my one & only muse.

Finding Lessons in Life

9 Jul

It’s 12:43 in the morning & I’m happy. I’ve came to the most briliant conclusion there is: if someone doesn’t want you, or you can hint that the feeling isn’t mutual, leave. If you aren’t happy trying to make someone else happy, leave. Do what makes YOU happy. I use to think that I’d never be happy unless I had a male companion… But I no longer have that mentality because I found happiness within myself. You can’t spend your whole life running behind someone who doesn’t want to be chased. I had to learn the hard way. I use to run behind a guy time after time, not realizing that I’m not what he wants. It took me a minute, but I finally understood it. Mama always told me not to go chasing after a guy. But against her wishes, I did anyways. Let this be a lesson to everyone, if the person you love treats you as if you’re nothing, walk away. You maybe a little timid & hesitant about it at first, but you have to put yourself first. God has better for you. It may not seem possible at first, but the more you go through, the more visible it will become. You probably aren’t use to putting yourself before that person, but try it. I feel relieved. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I know my worth as well as my value. Know who YOU are. Don’t lose yourself in someone to the point where all of your common sense just goes flying out the window. If I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. Life is my teacher. I trip up, face consequence, learn my lesson, take notes, comprehend them, & use that to my knowledge further in my life. Everything you observe & go through is nothing but a teacher. Learn from your surrondings. It’ll make you grow as a person.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Episode 1

20 Jun

Monday was the premiere of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta on VH1. I kind of have mixed feelings of this show. When they showed us scenes of future episodes, it seemed as if the entire show revolved around MiMi, Joseline, & Stevie J. And honestly, those are the only 3 people I remember from Monday’s episode of LHHATL, besides K.Michelle but her role wasn’t very big on the previos episode. Ok so, anyways. My feelings for Joseline are.. Ugh. Lol that’s really all I can say. Words can’t even describe my feelings for her. @MsJoseline, you’re a sideline chick. Nothing more. Stevie will be done with you in no time. @StevieJ, you’re just a dog. You wanna have your cake & eat it too, & unfortuantely, you’re getting both. @MiMiFaust, you’re just an idiot. Ray Charles can see that stevie is messing around with other women, & Ray Charles is dead AND blind. C’mon, be smart. I dont wanna see you being stupid throughout this series.

So You’re Grown???

31 May

Age doesn’t define maturity. Neither does it define if you’re an adult or not. So the million dollar question is, “What makes a man?” or, “What makes a woman?”. We often call ourselves, “grown” but are you really an adult? Whose house do you live in & do you pay all of the bills? The way you act, the way you carry yourself & the things you do determine how old you are. It doesn’t matter if you’re 18, 21, 25, or 36. If you still act like a child, that’s your label. A child. Nothing more, nothing less. A man doesn’t lie down to make a baby, then doesn’t take care of it. A woman doesnt have a baby, then no longer than a few weeks later, she’s out in the club, with her baby left at her mom’s house. A woman doesn’t leave her child with her mom for her to take care of. A man isn’t a person who doesn’t have a job, still lives at home with his mom, no phone, & has to use his grandma’s van because he doesn’t have his own car. I can go on & on about what makes an adult & what doesn’t make an adult. But, I digress. The next time you call yourself grown, face facts…. You aren’t. You’re a CHILD. ENJOY it!!! ENJOY your youth!! Once you go out into the real world & experience adult hood, you’ll be begging to go home to mommy.

Appreciate What You Have

31 May

You might not like the person you are. You might not like your living conditions. & you just might not like the people around you. But, why aren’t you happy? Are you living? Do you have a pulse? Do you have food on your plate & a roof over your head? Many people, such as I, take so many things for granted. Whether it’s material things, support, house hold items or anything else. It’s a tough world out there, you won’t know until you’re forced to know. Be appreciative of the little things your mom, parents, or guardian does for you each & every day. There are countless children that’ll do anything to live the life you do.